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Farm Management

Whitehead farm real estate provides professional farm management for clients throughout Indiana and Illinois.  We have the experience and know-how to provide our clients with the highest level of management for their farm property.
Soil Testing and Fertilizers 

We periodically have the soils on each farm tested, and make sure that the soils are treated in accordance with those soil tests.  We make sure that the soils are developed to the highest state of fertility possible.

Repairs and Improvements

We manage the repairs and improvements to each farm property as requested and approved by the land owner. Whether it be drainage tile, grain storage facilities, or buildings we look to the benefit of our client.


As professional managers we furnish the necessary plans and instructions to farm tenants to properly operate, till and farm the land owned by our clients.We work with the tenant in the selection of seed, proper rotation of crops, and the purchase and use of fertilizer.

Financial Goals

We use our best efforts to organize, manage, and operate the farms for our clients according to approved, modern, scientific, and practical farming methods.  We endeavor to obtain the highest net returns for our clients while maintaining and improving the productive capacity of their land.

Periodic Management Reports

We provide our clients with periodic reports, including details of farm income and expenses. These reports are suitable for use by our clients for tax purposes.

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